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Tanya's Africana Styles

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African Kings & Queens

Thutmose lll
1504-1450 B.C. Pharoah of Egypt


Thutmose lll was a member of one of the greatest families in the history of African royalty. A family which laid the basis for the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Osei Tutu
1680-1717 King of Asante


Osei Tutu was the founder and first King of the Asante Nation, a great West African forest kingdom of what is now Ghana.

1292-1225 B.C. Nubian Queen of Egypt


Known as the Queen who wed for peace, Nefertari is one of the great Nubian Queens.

Cleopatra VII
69-30 B.C. Queen of Egypt


1292 BC
Of Greek and African decent, the most famous of Egypt's seven Cleopatra's, she rose to the throne at the age of seventeen.

Striving to elevate Egypt to world supremacy, Cleopatra enlisted the military services of two great Roman Leaders, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. She convinced them to renounce their Roman allegiances to fight on behalf of Egypt. Each died before Cleopatra's dreams of conquest was met. Disheartened, Cleopatra pressed an asp to her breast, ending the life of the world's most celebrated African Queen.

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